Hello all!

2011 is off to a great start with our registration opening up March 15th. As of March 25 we still had 8 plots left so make sure you get signed up for this years garden if you haven't already! How do you get signed up? Drive on over to the Radford City Municipal building (where you pay your city bill) and go to the City Managers Office. Talk to the wonderful lady at the front, Juanita, and ask her for the registration form for the Community Garden (say please!). Fill out the form, right there in the office, give her $15 and a plot will be yours.

We had a great year last year with everyone who participated and I can't wait to get this year started. We are hoping to start plowing next week, but it depends on the weather. As soon as we have plowed and till the land, then we will assign the plots and the plot you are assigned will be all yours! Unfortunately the rain barrel we had from last year busted, but we are getting two more for this year! Also, this year I am going to create some sort of box where you can donate your extra produce from your plot (or even from home!) and take all extra produce to the Daily Bread here in Radford, the local soup kitchen. I will update you on the specifics of this as we get closer to the growing season.

Thank you all for making the Radford Community Garden such a success! We only hope to GROW in the future :)